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The Burkittsville Preservation Association (BPA) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed for the preservation of the Town of Burkittsville and the surrounding agricultural area, its open spaces, history, culture, and architecture. BPA is especially dedicated to Civil War history preservation.

BPA was created to receive a historically significant architectural landmark, the Hamilton Willard Shafer Farm located just west of Burkittsville, Maryland. The Shafer Farm was bequeathed to the BPA with the stipulation that the property be restored and preserved as a public attraction. Gen. William B. Franklin used the farm and farmhouse as Union headquarters for the first major battle of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Maryland Campaign of the Civil War during the autumn of 1862, the Battle of Crampton’s Gap, one of the three battles for the possession of the passes over South Mountain. The battles were the precursor to the Battle of Antietam three days later.

BPA intends to utilize the farmhouse, barn, and outbuildings in a variety of ways. The completely restored and improved barn is ideal for a variety of public events. It offers an elevated section for a stage and a broad open area for an audience. We are restoring the site to become part of the larger area Civil War attractions.

BPA is also dedicated to preserving the Town of Burkittsville. What is rare and extraordinary about Burkittsville is that it boasts a townscape and view shed largely unaltered since the Civil War. With the generous support of those who value this hallowed part of American history, BPA will continue to grow and be an area leader in Civil War preservation.

Board Members

Paul Gilligan, President
Matthew Borders
Kevin Cromer
Ronald Dustin
Joseph E Fitzgerald, Jr
Shelagh Jessop
Harry Lashley


Burkittsville Preservation Association

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